How many affiliate referrals do I have?

Finding the number of referrals you have is super easy. Once logged into your account, all you have to do is click the affiliate link located in the footer of MakiPlace.

(Picture of link to affiliate page on the footer)

When you navigate to your accounts affiliate stats page you’ll see a screen that looks like this. Once you’re here, you’ll see different tabs relate to your affiliate account. The tabs related to affiliate referrals are:

Need to use a screen with some real numbers on the blog post


On this page you can see an amazing amount of the statistics you need to track your progress.

The information includes:

  • Unpaid Referrals

  • Paid Referrals

  • Visits

  • Conversation Rate

  • Unpaid Earnings(money earned but not distributed yet)

  • Paid Earnings(money earned and distributed)

  • Commission Rate

  • Campaign specific data

    • Visits

    • Unique Links

    • Converted

    • Conversation Rates

With this information you should be able to get a statistically backed overview for how a certain campaign is working, so you can adjust accordingly.

(Image of commission statistics page with REAL DATA)


If you’d like to find data according to time, you can use the graph tab which provides you information related to the timeline of your affiliate account over a certain period. Data can be filtered anyway you want between 1 day and 2 years. You’ll be able to see statistics related to:

  • Unpaid Referral Earnings

  • Pending Referral Earnings

  • Rejected Referral Earnings

  • Paid Referral Earnings

(Picture of the page with some good dummy data)

Depending on your needs, you can filter as easily as selecting a dropdown

(Picture of the page with some good dummy data & dropdown hovered)


The referrals tab is where you see which referrals your affiliate account has made so far.

Unpaid, pending, rejected, & paid are the ones listed here. The differences between these are as follows:

  • Unpaid -

  • Pending -

  • Rejected

  • Paid -

(Picture of this url with some good dummy data)

If there’s anything else you’d like to see on this tool then don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the tools & workflow of our affiliate partners

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