Graphics Submission Requirements

Make sure you read through the following part to have a grasp of the submission requirements for Graphics category on MakiPlace. Try to make your item meet those requirements before submitting.

General Technical Requirements

In order to submit your item to Graphics category, it should satisfy some general technical requirements as listed below:

  • Graphics file can be RGB or CMYK format. CMYK is preferable when a file is intended for print.

  • PSD, JPEG and PNG are acceptable formats.

  • Items in this category can include smart objects from Adobe Illustrator, but should not be completely made of files exported from Illustrator.

  • Graphic items that are layered should be labelled in English, in an organized manner (using logical groups and layers).

  • Ensure that fonts used in the item are correctly licensed, and are documented in the item description and inside a help file within the main .zip.

  • No preview images or graphics that are not part of the product and thumbnails should be included in the archive.

  • Files using CS5 and upwards (i.e those making use of new or upgraded features in Photoshop) should be clearly marked in the preview image and description.

Sub-Category Specific Requirements

Besides general technical requirements as above, there are specific requirements for each element in the Graphics category.

Web Designs

  • Must be in Adobe Photoshop format (PSD)

  • Must be compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 or newer

  • Minimum page size is 800 pixels by 600 pixels at 72PPI for small designs (vCards)

  • Minimum page size is 1024 pixels by 768 pixels at 72PPI for other designs

  • Must be in RGB color mode

  • All text must be editable

  • All basic shapes must be editable

  • Must include layout guidelines

  • All groups and layers must be clearly and logically labelled (related elements should be grouped, such as buttons, links, etc)

  • All layers should be unlocked

  • Color adjustments must use an adjustment layer (rasterized layers are not acceptable)

UI Kits

  • Sketch templates must be in Sketch format (.sketch) and be compatible with Sketch 40 or newer.

  • The item must not rely on any third-party Sketch plugins (like Craft) in order to function fully & properly.

  • Use Pages to separate different screens and art-boards for different variations such as responsive design, portrait/landscape screens, etc. Since Sketch is a lightweight app the entire design must be stored in a single file.

  • All text must be editable.

  • Make sure all images are properly licensed for commercial use.

  • It is recommended to use Symbols for all reusable components like Buttons, Cards, etc.

  • Use Text Styles for headlines and any other repeating text types (paragraphs, links, etc.).

  • All basic shapes must be editable.

  • All art-boards pages and symbols must be clearly and logically labelled (related elements should be grouped into symbols, such as buttons, links, etc.).

  • All layers and/or group must be clearly and logically labeled and unlocked.

  • There should be at least one dedicated symbols page so that users can quickly and easily edit the symbols used throughout the Sketch file in a centralized place.


Some requirements for Mockups category submission are as the following.

  • Submissions should not include items that are meant to be used in any capacity other than a demonstration.

  • Files should be easily editable.

  • The file should make use of layer masks, smart objects, smart filters and non-destructive techniques.

  • Smart objects are optional. The main focus should be non-destructive techniques, making a file as editable and customizable as possible.

  • Masks must be executed technically and aesthetically to a high standard. They should be tested to ensure they work for the customer.

  • Any layer masks or photo manipulation should be of good quality. The masking should be clean and sharp, where style appropriate.

  • Viewing angles and perspectives must look realistic and visually correct.


Some requirements for Logos category submission are as the following.

  • Layers and objects should not be locked.

  • There should be no visible guides.

  • The file must be constructed well.

  • Graphic elements should be made with the minimum number of points possible to define the shapes, this ensures that the paths are smooth. Excessive points can make the file difficult to edit and can show irregularities at higher magnifications.


Some requirements for Icons category submission are as the following.

  • Icons should be submitted in one or more of these types: PSD, EPS, PNG

  • PNG icons must come in at least one industry standard scale and should have transparent backgrounds.

  • Visual Balance - Icon sets must have visual harmony, with a single coherent design style.

  • Layers must be unlocked and logically labelled.

  • Color Mode must be RGB.

  • Social Media Logos - Packs cannot contain more than 80% social media icons.


Some requirements for Illustrations category submission are as the following.

  • Illustrations should be created within Photoshop.

  • The file should have a transparent background or a separate layer.

  • Illustrations must be layered as fully as possible. These files should be heavily reliant on making the file as editable and customizable for the customer.

  • You should not use destructive techniques like merging layers or groups.

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