What is the difference between soft or hard rejection?

At MakiPlace we strive to make our product the best available on the web for our customers. Thus, we have set in a place a system for reviewing and ensuring that products sold on MakiPlace meet our quality assurance standards. Once submitted, you may receive a rejection notice for your item if it does not meet standards. The following will explain the different types of rejections that a product may receive.

What is a Soft Rejection?

If your submission doesn’t meet our standards it will either be soft or hard rejected.

What’s the difference between soft or hard rejection?

  • What is a soft rejection? When an item is soft rejected it means that our quality assurance team has assessed that the item is almost ready to go up for sale on MakiPlace, however the item still needs a couple of small changes before it can be accepted.

  • The required changes will be listed by our reviewer in the soft rejection notice and can be found on your seller dashboard or the soft rejection email from the review team.

  • Only once you have made the required changes in the soft rejection notice can you resubmit the item for review (via the edit tab).

What is a Hard Rejection?

The quality assurance team has determined the item is not suitable for sale on MakiPlace. An item may be hard rejected for a variety of reasons.

Hard rejected submissions cannot be re-submitted.

Regrettably, our quality assurance and help teams are also unable to provide feedback or critique submissions that have been hard rejected.

How will I know if my item has been soft or hard rejected?

At each stage of the review process, you will receive an email updating you on the status of your submission. The email will outline if the item has been soft or hard rejected.

  • View the status of your submission via the email sent to you from the quality assurance review team.

  • If the email subject line contains “Needs Improvement”, your item has been soft rejected.

  • If the email subject line contains “Rejected”, your item has been hard rejected.

Can I Get Feedback For My Hard Rejected Item?

  • Currently, our review teams are not able to provide feedback / critique or advice for hard rejected items.

  • We know it can be frustrating to have a submission rejected and hope that you won't be discouraged.

  • We encourage you to take advantage of the many talented and helpful community members who choose to provide constructive feedback on our forums.

Can I Resubmit A Hard Rejected Item?

  • If your item has been hard rejected, it cannot be re-submitted without first making a significant number of changes.

  • The number of changes required to the design and features of the item, will mean it’s considered to be a completely new item and entirely distinguishable from the first upload.

  • Resubmitting without making any changes or any improvements is not considered acceptable use of MakiPlace and repeated attempts may result in revoked upload rights.

Can I Resubmit A soft rejected Item?

Yes. However, please re-submit your files, only after making the changes / updates required From the seller dashboard, click the 'Hidden Items' tab.

  • Open the item by clicking on the item title.

  • Click Edit, then Submit to update.

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