How long does it take MakiPlace to review an item I upload?

Our Quality Assurance team aims to review submissions as quickly and efficiently as possible. In busier times, for example during holiday periods, the increased number of submissions will result in increased review wait times; your patience is appreciated during these times.

We strive to respond to all item submissions within 24 hours to let you know that you’ve started the process of submitting a new item to the MakiPlace marketplace. However, the current average review time is between 1-3 days. The wait time listed should be thought of as a average only, as it may take more or less time to review your item(s) depending on a number of factors. Although this may seem like a long time, there are many things occurring during this time including but not limited to quality assurance testing.

Please also be aware that files may be held longer under certain circumstances:

  • Your file contains licensed materials.

  • If you have not included sufficient evidence that you have a license or consent to distribute the item the review team may need to investigate or contact you for further information.

  • Your file has potential copyright issues

  • If you have submitted an item that is similar to another item or, the review team have reason to believe that the item may have been a breach of copyright.

  • Your file subject is unusual or contains an unusual style / elements.

  • The reviewer may wish to seek a second opinion.

  • Your file(s) have been flagged as ‘special circumstance’.

Please be patient with us during this process. Our goal is to ensure customers get a quality product from each & every seller. This results in fewer refund requests once purchases have been made.

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