Why sell at Makiplace?

As designers & developers, we wanted to create a marketplace that served not only the end customer, but people like ourselves, the people building the product. This results in us having created a place where you have more control over the end product and how it is distributed.

Less Competition: Our shop space is limited to the most qualified sellers.

Favorable Commission Rates: MakiPlace offers the highest commissions available on the market today: 50% for non-exclusive and 55-75% for exclusive sellers. Read more about our commission structure here.

Sell in More Ways: With MakiPlace, you can sell individual products, subscription services and even run your own promotional sales deals.

Dedicated Sales Support: If you’re not sure how to run your own promotional campaign, we’ll support you in doing so. We’ve created content and sales funnelling techniques to help you more easily sell more products.

Unparalleled Level of Service: We’ll help you upload products, write product description, even help you make better feature images.

Lightning Quick Reviews: We will respond to your submission within 24 hours regardless of product type.

We’ll work hard to get your products the exposure they need, you deserve it. We’ve also included the tools you’ll need to track sales, manage your shop, engage with customers, and handle the support when that comes up, all of this in one spot.

Want to give it a shot? Make a request here to start selling on MakiPlace today!

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